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A Smart Cities Overview from British Standards Institution

bsi_8100“PD 8100: Smart cities overview ‘“ Guide”, published by the British Standards Institution (BSI), gives guidance on how to adopt and implement smart city products and services in order to facilitate the rapid development of an effective smart city.

The report is a guide for city leaders in the public, private or community sectors and is intended to help them find the standards that are related to what they are doing. It is particularly relevant to national and local government departments, utility companies, healthcare providers, transport service providers, construction companies, network companies, city planners and developers, designers, and vendors of ICT solutions be they big players, SMEs, or their clients.

The guide describes in detail the potential benefit of smart city strategies, provides recommendations on how to identify the first steps towards making the city smarter and covers the role of technology and data in providing the tools in this process.

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