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Smart Cities and Cloud Computing – special issue

The Journal of Smart CitieJSCs has announced a call for papers for the special issue “Smart Cities and Cloud Computing‘ to be published on June 2016. Guest editors are: Christina Kakderi, Nicos Komninos, and P. Tsarchopoulos, researchers at URENIO Research. This issue will focus on smart city solutions and cities around the globe that develop strategies, infrastructure, applications and e-services using cloud technologies and business models. The focus is on the challenges and solutions related to the use of cloud computing for the development or the migration of smart city services to the cloud, such as the use of cloud-based infrastructure and platforms, adaptation of applications to cloud environment, distributed organization of resources, business models, data security, analytics and other.

Papers should be between 6.000 – 9.000 words covering aspects of literature, empirical survey findings, analysis and discussion. Detailed description of concrete examples of cloud-based solutions with a distinctive contribution to discussion will be appreciated. Also welcome are papers that refer to case studies from cities around the world that highlight how cities take advantage from cloud based solutions in infrastructure, platforms and application (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS); lessons learnt from experimentation; obstacles and enablers in adopting cloud technologies; use of specific business models; changes along the migration of existing e-services on the cloud.

We encourage papers related to:
(1) the stack of technologies enabling cloud-based smart city solutions
(2) data management and security in public, private or hybrid clouds
(3) innovation in city services or the deployment of new e-services with cloud solutions
(4) changes in the urban system because of the introduction of cloud computing.
We also solicit methodologically oriented papers on new, non-traditional approaches to citizen-centric innovation for smart cities related to cloud-based platforms and services.

Particular topics to be addressed might include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cloud computing, service models and smart city solutions enabling innovation
  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS for smart city solutions
  • Cloud platforms and deployment of smart city applications
  • Transformation of city services due to their migration the cloud
  • Challenges of instant scalability of smart city services
  • Security issues related to data protection and sensitive information concerning users
  • Smart city business models adapted to cloud
  • Costs and benefits from the deployment of smart city services on the cloud
  • Plus and minus of public, private, and hybrid clouds for the deployment of smart city services
  • Living lab experiments for cloud based smart city solutions
  • Analytics and cloud-based services
  • Standardisation and open interfaces of smart city systems, platforms and applications
  • Case studies for cloud-base solutions of smart city services.

Time schedule
­-Full paper submission: 31 January 2016.
­-Notification of acceptance: 29 February 2016
­-Revised submission: 31 March 2016
­-Final acceptance notification: 30 April 2016
­-Publication: June 2016

Submissions should be made online, directly to the Journal of Smart Cities, for the special issue ‘˜Smart Cities and Cloud computing’ at the Journal of Smart Cities submission page

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