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How Chicago got smart about sensors

Courtesy UChicago’ s Urban Center for Computation and Data.
In her latest article “How Chicago Got Smart About Sensors’ Prof. Susan Crawford describes the “Array of Things’ that will be the central nervous system of cities without invading our privacy.
The first step has been the implementation of a network of beautifully-designed sensors poised to capture and make public real-time, non-personal data about the liveability of a city. A network of sensors with a personality and a public service mission’Šwhich is following citizens and the citizens follow it back so they could read its tweets.

During September 2015, the “Array of Things’ moved several giant steps closer to becoming a crucial general-purpose, worldwide sensor data infrastructure for researchers and policy makers. According to Prof. Susan Crawford the breath taking, crucial, central element of the Array of Things mind set is that: the whole thing is aimed at creating a repository of public, free, real-time data in a single place. All the devices are set to communicate only with the Chicago researchers. No outsider can initiate a connection to one of these nodes.

How Chicago Got Smart About Sensors