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European Digital City Index

edciNesta, UK launched The European Digital City Index (EDCi) – an index which describes how well different European cities support digital entrepreneurship. It was produced as part of the European Digital Forum, which exists to support digital entrepreneurship and digital startups across Europe.

For startups and scale-ups, the Index provides information about the strengths and weaknesses of local ecosystems, allowing them to plan accordingly and consider where they may need to devote more resources.

For policy makers aiming to encourage digital entrepreneurship in their own city, the Index helps to identify existing and promising hubs of activity, in order to learn from their practices. Additionally, it allows benchmarking of performance against other European hubs, and helps identify which policy areas to prioritise.

European Digital City Index

The Index is comprised of a number of composite indicators, clustered into ten ‘themes’. These themes summarise the environment of a given city, as it relates to digital entrepreneurship.

The Index covers all capital cities in the EU. Additionally, it includes seven non-capital cities in the EU that are important hubs of digital entrepreneurship.

City Ranking

1 London
2 Amsterdam
3 Stockholm
4 Helsinki
5 Copenhagen
6 Paris
7 Berlin
8 Dublin
9 Brussels
10 Munich

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