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Implementing Innovation ‘“ A User’ s Manual for Open Government Programs

Implementing-InnovationReboot, a social impact firm dedicated to inclusive development and accountable governance, published a guide that provides practical advice and guidance for government changemakers as they navigate the specific challenges of implementing innovative programs in the public sector.

This guide draws from company’s experience around the world helping government reformers achieve real change. Through ongoing engagement with the open government community and a year-long collaboration with Mexico’ s Digital Strategy Unit, Reboot has witnessed firsthand the remarkable dedication of individuals working to realize the ideals of transparency, accountability, and participation within their governments.

This resource is a companion for program designers and implementers, providing targeted guidance to help them tackle the specific challenges (and seize the opportunities) that tend to arise due to the unique nature of government innovation programs. It is a practical resource for anyone working to implement an open government initiative, whether they are inside government or outside supporters.

This is not “Government Program Management 101,’ nor an exhaustive resource of best practices for all public sector programs. Rather, it focuses on phase-by-phase principles and guidelines that are especially relevant to the subset of programs that seek to innovate and promote open government.


Each section of the manual deals with a different phase of the program design and implementation process for government innovation programs. Within each phase, several “steps’ offer clear directions for achieving necessary milestones. Under each of these steps you will find “principles,’ which offer general guidance for decision-making based on your specific circumstances. Complementing the principles, “Lessons Learned’ include real-life stories of government innovation that will help illustrate key insights.

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