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A map of NYC Economy by Neighborhood

NYC_Neighborhood_Economy1A new tool, created by the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD), aims to give a comprehensive but broad measure of New York’ s economic development opportunities at both the citywide and neighborhood level. The tool uses 19 economic factors to calculate the risk to economic opportunity by neighborhood.

It allows people to see that problems they might be having in their neighborhood are not exclusive to their neighborhood. lt allows people to consider comprehensive economic development programs that are citywide. There’ s more of a movement push when the visualization is available,

says Lena Afridi, who led the work as policy coordinator for equitable economic development at ANHD.


The chart lays out 19 economic factors, disaggregating them by NYC community district. Some are obvious ‘” poverty rates, the percentage of households on food stamps, high school graduation rates, citywide economic development dollars spent. Some are less obvious, but essential to discussions of equitable economic development ‘” percentage of local jobs paying less than $40,000/year, percentage of at-risk small businesses, percent change in land dedicated to manufacturing.

With factors in columns and community districts in rows, the chart assigns each cell a color ‘” red for high risk, yellow for medium risk and green for low risk. So at a glance, you can see which neighborhoods and also which boroughs are most vulnerable or most in need of economic investment.

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