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Startup Playbook

startup-playbookStartup Playbook, written by Sam Altman, the President of Y Combinator (YC), contains the most generalizable parts of the advice that company gives to YC and YC Fellowship companies. The guide is meant for people new to the world of startups.

According to Sam Altman, to have a successful startup, you need a great idea (including a great market), a great team, a great product, and great execution. So the playbook has four parts:

  • Part I: The Idea
  • Part II: A Great Team
  • Part III: A Great Product
  • Part IV: Great Execution
    • Closing Thought
    • Growth
    • Focus & Intensity
    • Jobs of the CEO
    • Hiring & Managing
    • Competitors
    • Making Money
    • Fundraising

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