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Smart City KPIs symposium provides global perspective on state of the art technologies

eu-smart-cities-information-systemA Symposium on Smart City KPIs, organised by the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Joint Programme for Smart Cities (JPSC) at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2015 in Barcelona on 19 November, provided a global perspective of the state of the art in smart city technologies.

By bringing together researchers, city government officials, and business people from all over the world working on smart city indicators, the symposium also offered an opportunity to share experience and best practices.
Due to uncertainty arising from the application of technological solutions in different urban contexts, participants in the symposium stressed the need to have systems of commonly agreed upon Key Performance indicators (KPIs), allowing for the comprehensive collection of data and its evaluation.
The symposium has been organised in the following three sessions and a panel discussion.
Session 1: Evaluation frameworks for Smart Cities
Session 2: Monitoring of Smart City Light House Projects
Session 3: KPIs as decision support for policy makers
Panel Discussion: City benchmarking ‘“ a legitimate task?

For more information and all the presentations here: http://www.eera-sc.eu/events/eera-jpsc-symposium-key-performance-indicators-smart-cities