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Book: New Frontiers in Social Innovation Research

New-Frontiers-in-Social-Innovation-Research This book brings together work by leading social innovation researchers globally, exploring the practice and process of researching social innovation, its nature and effects. Combining theoretical chapters and empirical studies, it shows how social innovation is blurring traditional boundaries between the market, the state and civil society, thereby developing new forms of services, relationships and collaborations.

The book takes a critical perspective, analyzing potential downsides of social innovation that often remain unexplored or are glossed over, yet concludes with a powerful vision of the potential for social innovation to transform society. It aims to be a valuable resource for students and researchers, as well as policymakers and others supporting and leading social innovation.

This book is open access under a CC BY license.

Edited by Alex Nicholls, Julie Simon and Madeleine Gabriel. (September 2015). New Frontiers in Social Innovation Research. [Online] Available at: http://www.palgraveconnect.com/pc/doifinder/10.1057/9781137506801.0001.