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OpenGrid, a New Portal for Exploring Civic Data

OpenGrid_LogoChicago is a leader in using open data to better serve its residents. OpenGrid is the next step in making open data accessible to Chicagoans, and it is part of the city’s ongoing commitment to transparency and innovation in city government.

OpenGrid allows the public to easily navigate, use, and consume open date. OpenGrid lets users tailor and filter searches based on their location, like looking for new buildings in their neighborhood or spotting nearby road closures. The platform also makes it easier for residents to identify and filter data that’s relevant to them, like being able to see which city services are delivered directly to their block.

The platform could be used also by corporations and non-profits, which are able to harness it as a business intelligent tool. For example, OpenGrid can be used to enable “real-time situational awareness,” putting terabytes of data and analytics into the hands of employees at no cost.

OpenGrid is also completely open source, enabling developers to continuously add to the platform and enhance and expand its capabilities.

According to Charlie Catlett, Director of the Chicago-based Urban Center for Computation and Data:

The majority of cities do not have the resources to support their own data analytics team, and they are eager to use their data to make better decisions. This is a reusable platform that builds a proper foundation for all of the spatially-enabled data that cities possess, but have yet to start using to their fullest.

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