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P[art]icipatory Urbanisms

bg_05P[art]icipatory Urbanisms is a compilation of interviews with urban practitioners and a critical anthology of peer-reviewed articles, examining the triangulation of urban participation, aesthetics, and politics.

P[art]icipatory urbanisms is an experimental web publication interrogating the “participatory turn’ in contemporary urban studies, performance studies, and art practice. The publication has two components.

  • The first, is an interactive platform of interviews featuring the praxes of twenty participatory urban practitioners and collectives in the cities of São Paulo, Brazil and New Delhi, India. The interviews trace how urban actors create politico-aesthetic ruptures; experience and experiment with the material and affective force of participation; and potentially reshape the urban imaginary.
  • The second element of this publication is a peer-reviewed anthology of twenty articles expanding methodological and theoretical debates around the themes of urban participation and its entanglement with state power, aesthetic praxis, racialized and queer spaces, citizenship, temporality, publics, and infrastructure.