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Technology and the Future of Cities

CcKVttKWwAEq3mE“Technology and the Future of Cities” is a  report created by the President’s Council of  Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST)  recommending ways to make the most of technology and innovation opportunities for cities.  The report  lays out why now is a good time to promote technologies for cities:  more (and more diverse) people are living in cities; people are increasingly open to different ways of using space, living, working, and traveling across town; physical infrastructures for transportation, energy, and water are aging; and a wide range of innovations are in reach that can yield better infrastructures and help in the design and operation of city services.

PCAST recommends a variety of steps to make the most of the Federal Government’ s engagement with cities. It calls for  more integrated Federal approach to supporting new technologies in combination with a range of other innovations to improve the lives of city residents.

The urban ecosystem can benefit from the integration of a wide array of technologies that have  been evolving rapidly, including systems to increase energy efficiency, renewable energy  technologies, connected and autonomous vehicles, water and wastewater management systems,  communications technologies to enhance connectivity, and new ways to do farming and  manufacturing. The Federal Government can help to ensure a robust pipeline of such  technologies for urban applications through improved coordination of relevant research and  development activities, taking advantage of the National Science and Technology Council.

Find the report here