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Data for London: A City Data Strategy

UntitledThe City Data Strategy for London is a document built around the vision of making London the most dynamic and productive City Data Market in the world, where  the capabilities, talents and capacity of all city data partners will impact on the  huge  social, economic and service-based challenges of the city.  

To make this happen, London’s  City data will be recognised as  part of the capital’ s infrastructure and people will use it to save money, incubate innovation and drive  economic growth. According to the report:

Data offers new insights and ways of  delivering better services to citizens –  from public health and social care, to  refuse collection, public transport, and  to retail in the private sector…Yet data does not quite seem to flow into and benefit the economy and society as it should. We are  not always able to access the data we need to answer city challenges. The technical architecture falls  short of what is needed. Regulation and governance are more often than not found to be responding  to, rather than proactively creating the bow wave for full data exploitation. Culturally and  organisationally we do not seem quite able to connect up the new data economy skills with our city  government challenges. As individuals, we often have little idea of how we are creating data and the  uses to which it is put by various parties.

The strategy is structured around six broad themes:












City Data Strategy for London puts forward three things that need to happen:

  • Making data a central element in the policies of the City Government;
  • Securing a reliable supply of valuable data;
  • Building greater public awareness and understanding how data can drive innovation.












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