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Smart City Profile: Medellín, Colombia


The city of Medellín is an essential example of urban transformation via smart city interventions, towards an inclusive and intelligent city.

Aspects such as solving common citizens’ problems, increasing productivity and achieving inclusive economic growth are placed at the centre of Smart City Medellín program, implemented by the Mayor of the city. The four main pillars of this program include citizen participation, open government, social innovation and sustainability.  Another important tool designed to promote Medellín’ s smart city profile is MiMedellín platform. This platform aims at developing and implementing new ideas of citizens contributing to the transformation and co-creation of their city.

Apart from being on the list of Top 10 Urban Innovations, the success of Medellín’ s initiative was recognised in 2012 when the city was voted as the as the world’s most innovative city. According to IEEE ‘“ Smart Cities:

Medellin has achieved a synergy with local government, academia, industry and citizens to create an environment conducive to science, technology and innovation, led by a public entity called  Ruta N.

Image  source:  WSJ