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Report: Dubai – a new paradigm for smart cities

Smart cities dubaiDubai – a new paradigm for smart cities is a report produced by KPMG Consulting Group aiming to thoroughly describe the ways in which smart cities could encounter challenges met of a continuously increasing urbanization trend. Increasing penetration of new technologies in the UAE constitute Dubai one of the few cities in the world which has adopted a unique approach to evolve into a smart city.

In this report a comprehensive overview of the Dubai Plan 2021 is given, incorporating aspects of (a) happiness, creativity and empowerment of people, (b) sustainable development, (c) society inclusion and coherence, (d) creation of a pivotal hub in the global economy, (e) comparative advantages for location choice, and (f) governance excellence. According to KPMG’ s analysis technology, people and process establish the key pillars of a smart city.

Dubai smart city agenda

One of the main conclusions of this report states that:

Dubai has adopted its own a unique smart city approach. This aspiration is underpinned by the three themes of communication, integration and cooperation. It is this integrated approach that will bear fruit and help it achieve its aspiration of becoming a truly global smart city.

Read the full report here.