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Smart City Profile: Ranking intelligent cities in Chile

Rankibg-pais-digitalIn their recent analysis, Cohen and Obediente (2014) try to design a methodology for comparing smart cities, based on a set of 28 key indicators covering 6 main areas: lifestyle, society, economy, government, mobility and environment.  According to the proposed model an assessment wheel is presented by the authors based on these areas of interest regarding smart city evaluation.



As a case study they use this methodology to create a hierarchical list of 11 Chilean smart cities, revealing their strengths and weaknesses. Based on their results Santiago appears to be the leading city in terms of Smart City characteristics, followed by Puerto Montt. In addition to that, a list of the 8 largest Smart Cities of Latin America is also presented, where Santiago, Mexico DF and Bogota appear on the top of the list. A comprehensive illustration of their findings is given in the following figure designed by Hans Rodriguez.

Latin america smart cities


Read the full research analysis in Spanish here.  Read more about  SmartCitiesChile.

Thumbnail image source: SogetiLabs.