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Smart City Strategy: Parramatta, Australia

parramatta1Parramatta’ s Smart City Masterplan is a long-term planning document that describes the vision, the framework and the key elements that the city of Parramatta will work on to achieve its strategic objectives.



According to Parramatta’ s Smart City Vision:

Parramatta will be a Smart City that leverages the foundations of good urban planning, transparent governance, open data and enabling technologies that will underpin our position as a vibrant, people centric, connected and economically prosperous city.

In order to achieve this vision, a set of guiding principles have been established including aspects of (a) improving liveability, efficiency, and connectivity, (b) supporting economic growth, (c) enhancing the environment, safety and security, (d) encouraging learning, (e) embracing different cultures, (f) leading by example, and (g) promoting open processes in all levels.

The big picture of Parramatta’ s Smart City Vision aims at improving liveability and enhancing sustainability, in order to achieve economic prosperity. Thus, six strategic objectives are used to help deliver the overall vision for the city.


More information about Parramatta Smart City Masterplan can be found here.

Access Parramatta Smart City website here.