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Smart Cities Profile: Ranking Smart Cities in Portugal

Portugal1Smart Cities Benchmark, Portugal 2015 is a report developed by IDC describing an assessment methodology of Portuguese smart cities, in order to establish a reference point for the future development of cities at a notional level.

This report also tries to perform an analysis regarding the best national and international practices in areas such as energy, environment, government, mobility, buildings and services. It has as its main goal to provide a set of recommendations for the development of strategies and actions regarding smart city development.

The model presented in the report consists of 3 Driving Forces (people, economy, and IT & communications) and 5 Vectors of Intelligence (Smart Government, Smart Buildings, Smart Mobility, Smart Services & Living and Smart Energy & Environment).


As a final step for calculating the Smart Cities Index, 47 indicators are specified and calculated covering each one of the evaluation criteria mentioned above. Finally, 50 Portuguese cities are classified under 3 main groups: Top 4 (4), competitors (15) and followers (31). According to the study, Bragança, Lisbon, Oporto and Oeiras are placed at the Top 4 intelligent cities group.

This study was presented in Lisbon at the Analytical Cities event, organized by the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy. Download the full presentation here.