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London’ s Digital Future: The Mayoral Tech Manifesto 2016

Tech-hustings-website-1-210x300London’ s Digital Future is a tech manifesto written by techUK, Tech London Advocates and Centre for London. Its main scope according to this report is to demonstrate why the development of London as a digital city is so important to its future, and how the new Mayor can contribute towards this goal.

The new Mayor of London could play a crucial role for the development of the city, by helping it express and exploit various aspects of digital innovation. Thus, London could become a scale-up capital, a global data capital, an inclusive city, an ultrafast city, a talent magnet, a city of many talents, as long as the world’ s most innovative capital.

Policy recommendations proposed by this report incorporate acts such as conduct an innovation audit, full digital inclusion, build a tech talent pipeline and create an open data charter.

According to Digital London ‘“ Τhe 2020 vision:

A fully digital London will be one where people, businesses and the city itself all reap the benefits of a more connected, responsive and integrated capital.

Read the full report here.