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Smart City Profile: Smart cities in France

franceVilles intelligentes, «smart », agiles: Enjeux et stratégies de collectivités française is a report written by Fanny Bertossi, aiming to point out the strategic challenges and the state of the art of French cities engaged in a smart city approach, whilst describe the local strategies, the governance models and the nature of committed projects.


According to the report:

The concept of smart city refers to the strategic use of infrastructure and services of information and communication in the management and urban planning to promote the development of sustainable cities.

This qualitative study focuses on 15 communities representing a diversity of situations in their geographical position, size and status. They are categorized based on their structural characteristics in: industrial areas (Mulhouse, Roubaix); digital and innovation (Saint-Etienne, Brest); tourism (Nice); and sustainable cities (Grenoble).


Communities under investigation in this report have shown different levels of maturity in the development of a strategy and its implementation. However, all of them have already projects underway. The challenge is now for them to overcome any possible difficulties, such as legal, financial and cultural, in order to move towards deployment on a larger scale smart city.

Read the full report in French here.