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Smart Nation, Singapore

smart_nation2The Smart Nation initiative in Singapore is coordinated by the Smart Nation Programme Office in the Prime Minister’s Office, supported by other government agencies. This ambitious vision targets towards a whole-of-nation approach for Singapore, aiming to exploit all possible information and communication technologies (ICT) in order to promote better living conditions, social inclusion and create more opportunities for people.

According to Melissa de Villiers, leader of Editor Group in Singapore:

This vision involves pulling together its world-ranked universities and medical facilities, multi-billion annual research and development (R&D) investments, a fast-growing community of tech start-ups and large pools of investment capital. It also centres on the government and private sectors using technology holistically to bring about better lives and greater business opportunities.

Some of the main challenges that Smart Nation initiative tries to address include high urban density, continuously increasing energy sustainability and ageing population, as long as the promotion of mobility issues, due to large number of vehicles. In consistency with this policy framework, a Smart Nation Platform will be launched  in order to enable and provide a high quality nationwide communication infrastructure that could support the Smart Nation vision.


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