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City Lab Prague ‘“ Executive Summary

Prague2The purpose of City Lab Prague report is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the city regarding aspects of smart and sustainable development. It also reveals possible opportunities and barriers arising through this development process that need to be exploited or overcome, respectively.

The Prague City Lab process targets at creating a roadmap for the city, referring to the projects that are going to be implemented. This guide includes a detailed description of the costs, timeframe, funding opportunities and stakeholders for each project, whilst it presents an integration of measures, projects, and actions into a coherent roadmap, in order to illustrate the ways in which a maximization of synergies between projects could be achieved.


Regarding the city profile and more specifically its governance system, the need for a “smart governance’ implementation is stressed.

Prague demonstrates the will to take the necessary steps towards becoming a Smart City and suggests focusing on strengthening research and innovation, promoting social inclusion, and investing into sustainable mobility and energy. Yet the Prague governance system as of today is not adequate for managing a “Smart City“.

Comprehensive descriptions about Prague state-of-the-art are also given referring to aspects of the Economic and Innovation system; Space, Planning & Mobility; Buildings; and Energy System. After performing a detailed analysis based on a set of 120 indicators, a strategy for a smart and sustainable development of Prague is presented, focusing on a three-dimensional approach. The main pillars of this strategy include governance, socio-economic aspects and technologies & infrastructures. Finally a set of suggested measures is also presented in this report.


Find the full report here.