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How big data is changing disruptive innovation

harvard business reviewIn one of the articles published on Harvard Business Review online version, on January 27, 2016, Maxwell Wessel explains key concepts on how big data is changing disruptive innovation. The article starts by addressing the question what is disruptive innovation and provide key examples of it.

Going then to the main part of the article, M. Wessel, argues that the conversation around the different examples miss that something new is going on in the world of innovation. With information at the core of most modern disruptions, there are new opportunities to attack industries from different angles.

Concluding the article, and after building an examination case around Uber and how the existing industry of taxis is threatened, post the following questions: “How can you adapt in the face of this new type of competition?’; “How do you evaluate new threats?’; “What capabilities do you need and where do you get them, when data is a critical piece of any new disruption?’

According to the author of the article to succeed in this new environment, threatened businesses need a thoughtful approach to identifying potential threats combined with the will to make the right long-term investments ‘” despite short-term profit incentive.
You can read the article here.