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Future Cities Conference 2016


The first annual Future Cities Conference will take place on Wednesday 29th June 2016 at Clare College in Cambridge, UK.  

The world’ s growing population is rapidly urbanising and even in the developed world we are facing a number of challenges in how to make our cities efficient, resilient, adaptable and affordable. Key decisions need to be made around the shape and density of cities, how technology is used and how we live together in cities.   These issues will be critical to the success of cities and real estate investments within them.

The Cambridge Future Cities Conference 2016  brings together academic experts, investors, developers, researchers and policy decision makers to discuss how we can best design, develop, govern and thrive in cities and explore the challenges and opportunities presented in developing sustainable cities for the future.   This inaugural conference will have a focus on  high-rise living and density.   The conference programme will allow ample opportunity for questions and informal discussion.

The conference themes include:

  • Technology and its impact:  How technology and innovation will shape cities in the future
  • How we live together in cities:  Placemaking and what makes a “happy” city
  • Upwards or outwards?:  High rise living and density challenges
  • Risk resilience and response:    Resilient cities and the role of blue and green spaces

The Keynote speaker  and visiting fellow for 2016  has been announced as  Professor Edward Ng; an Architect and the Professor of Architecture in the School of Architecture,   Chinese University of Hong Kong [CUHK].   Graduated from Cambridge University, he has practiced as an architect, as well as lectured in various universities around the world.   His specialty is in Environmental and Sustainable Design; and in Urban Climatology for city planning.

Source:  Cambridge Real Estate Research Centre