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The Global Information Technology Report 2015

wef1The Global Information Technology Report is prepared and published by the World Economic Forum. In the 2015 edition of this report, special focus is being given on the ways in which ICTs can work as promoters of Inclusive Growth. As it is highlighted in this report, a number of challenges arise by the ICT evolution, apart from all possible benefits that will probably emerge.

The 2015 edition of The Global Information Technology Report is released at a time when many economies around the world are struggling to ensure that economic growth is equitable and provides benefits for their entire populations.

Advanced economies have not yet reached their full potential and they struggle with persistently high unemployment, rising inequalities, and fiscal challenges. Emerging markets and developing economies are facing stronger headwinds than before and need to adjust their development models to ensure economic growth and a more broad-based distribution of gains.

There are four main outcomes emerging from this report. The first important thing is the fact that the ICT revolution has widely transformed our world in economic and social terms, addressing a number of large scale challenges. Second, this transformation has already taken place to a large extend on specific parts of the world. However, it has not reached large parts of the planet so far. Finally, digital divides exist within countries, even in the most advanced economies, meaning that only certain segments of the population are benefitting from ICTs.

Download the full report here.