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Special Issue: Smart Cities and Cloud Computing

JSCThe Journal of Smart Cities published the special issue “Smart Cities and Cloud Computing’. Guest editors are: Christina Kakderi, Nicos Komninos, and P. Tsarchopoulos, researchers at URENIO Research.  The Special Issue “Smart Cities and Cloud Computing’ of the Journal of Smart Cities focuses on smart city solutions that are deployed over various types of cloud environment and discuss challenges and solutions related to the use of cloud computing, and mainly the migration of smart city services to the Cloud.

The papers included are based on experiments that highlight how cities can take advantage from cloud based solutions in infrastructure, platforms and application (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS); lessons learnt from experimentation with cloud platforms; obstacles and enablers in using cloud technologies; and changes to applications and e-services along their migration to cloud environments. Some contributions offer also recommendations and guidelines to public authorities to help them in developing smart city services with cloud computing and make the required internal organisational changes to this end. Six papers and contributions by twenty-two authors are selected for the special issue. Following an introductory paper on smart cities and cloud computing, two papers discuss plat-forms and cloud-based environments for the deployment of services; two papers focus on cloud-based applications and big data that reveal trends and behaviors in smart cities; the final paper looks at the challenging issue of data security in cloud-based environments.

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Table of Contents


Smart Cities and Cloud Computing Introduction to the special issue, Journal of Smart Cities

Christina Kakderi, Nicos Komninos, Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos


Original Research Articles

Smart Cities and Cloud Computing: Lessons from the STORM CLOUDS experiment

Christina Kakderi, Nicos Komninos, Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos

Storm Clouds Platform: A Cloud Computing Platform for Smart City Applications

Marco Battarra, Marco Consonni, Samuele De Domenico, Andrea Milani

Social Network services for innovative Smart Cities: the RADICAL platform approach

Fotis Aisopos, Antonios Litke, Magdalini Kardara, Konstantinos Tserpes, Pablo Martínez Campo, Theodora Varvarigou

Migration of applications to the Cloud: a user-driven approach

Anastasia Panori, Agustín González-Quel, Miguel Tavares, Dimitris Simitopoulos, Julián Arroyo

Cloud-based architectures for Geo-located blogosphere dynamics detection

Athena Vakali, Stefanos Antaris, Maria Giatsoglou

Cloud Computing Security: Protecting Cloud-Based Smart City Applications

Alkiviadis Giannakoulias