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European Digital Progress Report, 2016

EUEuropean Commission just released the 2016 European Digital Progress Report, in which an unequal progress towards the Digital Single Market is observed. More specifically, Member States seem to be at very different stages of development regarding the digital economy.

This report consists of a set of horizontal chapters investigating recent developments in five different fields: connectivity, digital skills, use of Internet, Integration of Digital Technology by businesses, Digital Public Services. The combination of all these dimensions results in the creation of a Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), provided by the EU. Furthermore, a set of country reports with country specific data is also published.



The aim of this monitoring report is to achieve a real Digital Union by monitoring the implementation of digital reforms in Member States grasp the opportunities available to citizens and businesses of the Digital Single Market.

Some of the main improvements in terms of EU’s digital performance during the past year are the infrastructures referring to more fast and mobile internet, the provision of a wider range of administration services online, as long as the fact that more people buy online.


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