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Data-Driven City Management: A Close Look at Amsterdam’ s Smart City Initiative

mit sloan reviewThe following case study by M. Fitzgerald, published on MIT Sloan Management Review, on May 2016, presents an inside analysis into Amsterdam’ s Smart City Initiative. This case study is part of a series of MIT SMR-produced stories exploring the analytically-driven organization. The story is based, in part, on interviews with public- and private-sector executives. Both the featured company and the case study sponsor reviewed this case study prior to publication.

Amsterdam’ s smart city effort comprises a sprawling, complex group of activities, projects, partnerships, and entities. The technology-oriented transformation of urban management by city officials, according to the case study, as Ger Baron, is one among many efforts. Another is the public-private platform that is formally named the Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) initiative, which encompasses projects across eight categories: smart mobility, smart living, smart society, smart areas, smart economy, big and open data, infrastructure, and living labs. Quasi-governmental entities, such as AEB Amsterdam, the waste company serving the city, and Alliander NV, the Dutch energy utility,5 are another source of smart city’“related activities, with some but not all linked to the ASC platform. Numerous commercial interests, academic, nongovernmental, and intergovernmental organizations, plus the citizens of Amsterdam, also have an active role in the development and deployment of smart city activities. These groups have different histories with, and connections to, the ASC platform.

The case study includes the following sections:

  • The Smart City In History
  • Amsterdam’ s Smart City Initiative
  • Spotlight: Selection of Key Smart City Participants
  • The Smart(er) City
  • Commentary: Tensions Between CONTROL and KAOS in Using Data to Get Smart

You can download the case study from here or you may read it MIT Sloan Management Review here