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Sustainable urban mobility and the Smart City

POLIS1This policy paper written by POLIS Network (Cities and regions networking for innovative transport solutions) aims at illustrating ways in which the role of transport systems and urban mobility policies could be enhanced within the Smart City context.

Transport sector is considered to be a crucial parameter that can play an important role in the development of the Smart City context, on a multiple level of analysis. It can offer improved solutions regarding the efficiency (energy), the environmental performance (AQ and noise) and the leverage for economic development within urban space. Moreover, as the paper highlights, the urban transport field constitutes a key factor for effectively implement EU policy goals.

Polis wants to ensure that local urban mobility stakeholders can take their full responsibility in co-creating the Smart City and pursuing Smart City objectives, without transport being made subsidiary to other sectors, such as energy.

Some of the main reasons that justify the important role of urban transport under the scope of Smart Cities are:

  • Urban Mobility has the framework for integrated planning
  • Transport helps to make the health challenge more concrete.
  • Electrification is happening.
  • Urban transport embraces the sharing economy.
  • Transport is an endless source of interesting data.
  • The urban transport sector knows how to manage intermodal hubs.
  • Transport technology systems are becoming more and more open and interoperable.
  • The urban transport sector is experienced in enabling, restricting and enforcing.
  • The urban transport sector provides the assets to enable the smart city.

The Smart City knows what it wants, knows how to intervene, is interested to assess results and change course if needed, and in this process is able to take everybody along. It is a place where citizens have all the information they need to make informed choices about their lifestyle, work and travel options.

Finally, this paper presents some recommendations for Smart Cities, under a transport policy framework, referring to governance, financing research and innovation on Smart Cities and building a Smart City community.

Read the full policy paper here.