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Deloitte Report on Smart mobility

Report1The report Smart mobility: Reducing congestion and fostering faster, greener, and cheaper transportation options, written by Deloitte, focuses on the investigation of the promises of smart mobility framework. The main goal of this study is to reveal the benefits of the implementation of expanded metropolitan mobility ecosystems, based on a data-driven exploration.

There’ s no question that consumers have been the primary beneficiaries of new mobility services. The question facing urban planners is how today’ s expanded mobility ecosystem can help advance public policy goals such as encouraging higher productivity and reducing congestion, while bringing related benefits such as fewer traffic accidents, better air quality, and a smaller urban footprint for parking.

Four models for alternative mobility systems are presented including ridesharing (i.e. carpooling), bicycle commuting, carsharing and on-demand ride services, putting individual mobility at the center of designing process. The main goal of this report is to use as a case study each one of these transport models in order to propose and simulate ways to address America’ s traffic congestion problems.


For each one of the abovementioned models an estimation of the potential economic impact, as long as ways to increase their public value are also illustrated. More specifically, seven ways to increase the public value of on-demand ride services are proposed, based on this report:

  1. Ensure that government data collection captures on-demand services.
  2. Encourage cities to release taxi trip and fare data online.
  3. Support pilot partnerships between government agencies and on-demand mobility providers.
  4. Fund studies and pilots to determine the optimal position of on-demand ride services within mobility ecosystems.
  5. Enlist private partners to achieve ridesharing targets.
  6. Contract with on-demand ride services to provide guaranteed rides home.
  7. Craft thoughtful regulation to encourage the spread of on-demand mobility.


Cultivating and expanding smart mobility ecosystems will require us to rethink our transportation investments, shifting our focus from simply maximizing vehicle throughput to moving users as efficiently as possible through any of a variety of modes.

Download the full report here.