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Engineering and Technology Magazine Smart City Issue

Engineering-and-Technology-MagazineWhere is the smartest city in the world? What does it look like today? How will it look in the future? These are the questions we set out to answer in Engineering and Technology Magazine’s Smart City Issue.

Conceptually, the Smart City lies where the Internet of Things meets the future of built environment, renewables, transport and growing city populations. Sensors in everything, big data and fast communications networks will provide more efficient use of shared resources, a more pleasant city environment and unimaginable new services. Life will be very different in the future city.


  • Barcelona: the world’ s smartest city? Many cities say that they are the world’ s “smartest’. It’ s an easy claim to make, as there is no agreed criteria to define what makes a city “smart’. Barcelona is one of the leading contenders for the Smart City crown, with regular appearances among “Top Five Smart City’ rankings and even topping some of them. E&T went to the Catalan capital to investigate.
  • Greening a Smart City. How do we keep air clean, our carbon footprint low, the population healthy and the environment ‘˜green’ ?
  • Powering a Smart City. Resilience in the grid is crucial, but will smart developments be met by advances in renewable energy?
  • Securing the Smart City. The web of connections underpinning the smart city needs to be well protected against evil-doers.