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Smart Cities and Visual Languages

Screen-Shot-2016-05-27-at-10.04.04Cassie Robinson, Strategic Designer at Doteveryone, blogs in IoTUK about how smart cities could use a visual language to make IoT technologies more visible to their citizens to encourage greater feedback.

Mrs. Robinson suggests that cities need to find ways of visually communicating how technologies are changing the city landscape and highlighting ways for citizens to interact with these technologies so that they can be generative and part of city and community life. She also believes that the patterns and sequences in which a citizen might interact with and make use of these visual signs could also help create design patterns that would be useful for configuring how to better interoperate the IoT.


A visual language for IoT might be one way of starting to mobilise more people to create change in their cities. That is, mobilising communities of people from the bottom up and using real-time information to connect citizens, so that they can make better decisions. Think of it as real-time data as a social support system, knowing that you are crossing paths of friends, or there are other cyclists so you are part of a community.

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