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New York City’s Digital Playbook

1 lnMuDijSwbYwNOYjkDza4Q.jpegThe New York City published the Digital Playbook, a new strategy that outlines how the municipality will make it easier for residents to access City services and how the City will use digital tools to strengthen communities.

Mayor de Blasio outlines the goal of the Digital Playbook:

The City of New York is dedicated to better serving and engaging its residents, businesses, and visitors. Our goal is to improve constantly the delivery of City services, embrace government transparency, generate genuine civic engagement, and make New York the most user-friendly and innovative city in the world.

This Digital Playbook outlines our intentions for how residents experience City services. It describes how our digital strategy will increase equity and help all New Yorkers participate in the political, civic, and cultural life of the city.

The Digital Playbook is meant to evolve as we learn more and as needs change, so future iterations of the playbook will live on this site.


The NYC Digital Playbook consists of ideas and insights that have been collected from residents, leaders, and experts, and elevate the most important opportunities for the City’ s digital future.