Urenio Watch Watch: Innovation ecosystems

Geographies of Innovation

geographies of innovationGeographies of Innovation,  created by the 300.000 km/s firm, visualizes and explores  the location of innovation initiatives, companies and research hubs in Barcelona, how they cluster in urban space and which sector of activity they belong to.

The map imposes four layers of context over the city to examine several aspects that significantly influence the location of these innovative initiatives: sociodemographic context, such as age of residents and rent prices; urban fabric, such as the make-up of industrial and residential buildings; functional indicators, such as public transportation; and spatial organization (network), such as proximity to research universities.

Geographies of Innovation is an excellent initiative of urban open data which, through its database, allows you to measure not only quantitative but qualitative different factors influencing the processes of innovation in the city, democratizing and making it more transparent. It would be very interesting to replicate Geographies of Innovation in other municipalities of the country sharing and improving the code used in this.