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World Cities Open Data Portal

World Council on City DataBased on the first international standard on city data ‘” ISO 37120 ‘” the WCCD Open City Data Portal allows visitors to explore, track, monitor and compare member cities on up to 100 service performance and quality of life indicators.

The World Council on City Data (WCCD) hosts a network of innovative cities committed to improving services and quality of life with open city data and provides a consistent and comprehensive platform for standardized urban metrics.

World Council on City DataThe Open City Data Portal has been launched with the following main features

  • Users are able to choose the indicators you are interested in from a number of Core and Supporting indicators. Core and Supporting indicators are classified into themes according to the different sectors and services provided by a city. In addition, Profile indicators provide basic statistics and background information to help you determine which cities are of interest for comparisons.
  • The Map mode allows users to compare member cities across one indicator, while the Graphs mode allows them to compare cities across up to 3 indicators. The Trends mode will be enabled in the future.
  • Users are also able to see a Detailed View of all the indicators for a given City. From the Detailed View, they can add up to 4 additional cities to compare side-by-side.