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City Performance Tool

City_PerformanceSiemens City Performance Tool helps urban decision makers to identify technologies that offer the maximum environmental and economic benefits for their city.

The City Performance Tool (CyPT) is a planning instrument that allows urban decision makers to select tailored technologies that offer their own cities maximum environmental and economic benefits. It indicates development trajectories for carbon emissions, air quality, and job creation based on technology and policy choices and predicts how changes to specific “levers’ will affect the achievement of climate targets.

Siemens City Performance Tool

The City Performance Tool is a dynamic simulation tool which studies a series of more than 70 technologies from Building, Transport and Energy Technologies ‘“ at different time periods and implementation rates. It is designed to reduce the environmental impact of everyday activities in your city. It covers greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and transport, as well as air pollutants such as particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). It also looks at the creation of new local jobs to install, operate and maintain city solutions.

The model calculates the environmental and economic impacts of individual technologies at different implementation levels. In transport, for example, CyPT assesses how a technology would reduce demand (reduce parking search traffic), shift the mode (public transport instead of cars) or improve efficiency (automated trains).

The model is based on life cycle assessment methodology and builds upon Siemens’ technology expertise and global databases of deep vertical process knowledge. New jobs that would be created are based on reference projects or economic studies in the transport, building and energy sectors of different regions.