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“Improve my city” one of the best practices in Thessalonikis’ preliminary Resilience Assessment report

thessaloniki resilience report 06 2016 smThis Preliminary Resilience Assessment report is a critical first marker on the road to a collaborative and effective strategy to improve Thessaloniki’ s resilience.

This document describes the significant work completed to date to build a baseline of facts and deepen the understanding of Thessaloniki’ s key resilience challenges, approaches and opportunities now and into the future.

Outlines recommended Discovery Areas – thematic areas around which deeper analysis and broader engagement will be undertaken. These Discovery Areas have been informed by consultation with leaders in the government, academic, business, infrastructure, emergency management, environment, community and health sectors

and describes the next steps that will be undertaken to develop a final Thessaloniki Resilience Strategy.

Urban resilience is the capacity of individuals, communities, businesses and systems within a city to survive, adapt and grow no matter what chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience

Thessaloniki is one of the 100 Resilient Cities pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation.

The report contains the following sections:

1. Introduction

1.1 About 100 Resilient Cities

1.2 Background

1.3 Purpose and Objectives

1.4 Resilience Strategy Development Process

2. Thessaloniki: A City in Transformation

2.1 Thessaloniki Resilience Timeline

2.2 People and Economy

2.3 Territorial Cohesion

2.4 Society and Culture

2.5 Entrepreneurship & Business

2.6 Basic Infrastructure

2.7 Climate and Urban Environment

2.8 Urban Governance Structure

2.9 Current Strategies, Plans and Development Frameworks

3. Resilience Diagnostics

3.1 Designing an innovative engagement process

3.2 What we are doing…

3.3 Towards a Metropolitan Approach

3.4 What we think we are doing…

3.5 Thessaloniki’ s Assets and Risks

3.6 Stresses, Trends and Scenarios

3.7 Primary Shocks and Stresses for Thessaloniki

4. Discovery Areas

4.1 Discovery Area 1: Thermaikos Bay

4.2 Discovery Area 2: Creating an Ecosystem that enables Human Talent

4.3 Discovery Area 3: Co- ownership of Public Space

4.4 Mobility as a Driver for Change

4.5 Data Empowered City

5. Synergies

6. Acknowledgements

7. Resilient Thessaloniki Office

About “Improve my city”

“Improve my city” is a web-based platform where citizens can upload their requests, complain or suggestions about their city.

According to the report the values that the platform addresses are: Technology Adaptation, Financial Prosperity, Youth empowerment, Environmental Management

“Improve my city” in Thessaloniki is ongoing since 2015, while is also running in more than 24 cities arround the world.

Identified issue that make the platform a key success element is mainly the red-tape and lack of organization that discourage concerning citizens to care about the city.

The solution to the above issue by the “Improve my city” platform is that enables direct communication between the appropriate municipality and the citizen.

The “Improve my city” web-based platform address the following resilience Qualities: Reflective, Integrated, Robust.

“Improve my City” is a collaborative product and service of URENIO Research, Intelspace SA, Infalia and Mklab.

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