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Smart Islands Projects and Strategies

smart islands projects and strategiesThis publication is a documentation of smart projects and strategies implemented by 35 European islands and showcased during the 1st Smart Islands Forum, 21-22 June 2016, Athens, Greece . The publication presents lighthouse projects from: Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

The Smart Islands Initiative is the culmination of a series of activities, among which stands prominently the Pact of Islands. The Pact of Islands is a political scheme engaging islands to go beyond the EU 2020 climate and energy targets, counting today 117 signatories across Europe.

As it is defined to the introduction of the publication, by the Aegean Energy Agency, Director, a smart island has abilities to implement integrated solutions to the management of infrastructures and natural resources, namely energy, transport and mobility, waste and water, all while promoting the use of innovative and socially inclusive governance and financing schemes. The introduction of cutting-edge technologies coupled with sound environmental management, including the protection of the landscape and rational use of coastal and marine resources is key in nurturing sustainable economic activities on islands. Furthermore, the use of ICT ensuring the availability of reliable data to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the quality of life of local communities is another core pillar of the Smart Islands concept.

This publication represents a compilation of smart and sustainable projects from over 30 islands across 13 European countries, currently under implementation or in the phase of maturation, which were showcased during the 1st Smart Islands Forum.

Smart and sustainable projects

  • 1. CROATIA: Unije; Lastovo; Mljet; Krk; Korcula
  • 2. CYPRUS
  • 3. DENMARK: Samsoe; Aeroe; Faroe Islands; Bornholm
  • 4. FINLAND: Aland Islands
  • 5. FRANCE: Corsica
  • 6. GERMANY: Helgoland; Juist
  • 7. GREECE: Kythnos; Lesvos; Crete
  • 8. ITALY: Pantelleria; Lampedusa; Sardinia; Certosa
  • 9. MALTA: Gozo
  • 10.THE NETHERLANDS: Texel; Ameland; Vlieland
  • 11. SPAIN: Canary Islands
  • 12.SWEDEN: Gotland; Öland
  • 13.UNITED KINGDOM: Scottish Islands; The Isle of Wight; The Isle of Eigg

The Forum was organized at the initiative of the DAFNI Network of Sustainable Aegean and Ionian Islands and the Aegean Energy Agency on 21 and 22 June 2016 in Athens, Greece with the support of the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece and the Covenant of Mayors Office. The report presents the profiles of most the of the European islands involved in climate responsible and innovative projects, providing also an overview of the technologies deployed.

You may download the publication by clicking here Smart Islands Projects and Strategies. Issued from the 1st European Smart Islands Forum, June 2016, Athens, Greece, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung