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Cisco Smart+Connected Digital Platform

Cisco’s Smart+Connected Digital Platform is a unifying, cloud-based set of tools that, together, creates a centralized layer for addressing the infrastructural need to connect cameras, water meters, traffic meters, and so on in a reliable, secure, robust and seamless manner.

The platform allows the city to capture, analyze and share data across city agencies and departments, across domains and with also with city residents, visitors and businesses’”making the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality in cities.

Smart+Connected Digital Platform: How It Works

Cisco is working with systems integrators, application developers, technology vendors, urban services management providers. Cisco’ s real value in this space is not in developing and selling city solutions, it is in deploying a powerful network platform that will enable other specific domain and process experts to continue to develop and deploy their city solutions.

The Smart+Connected Digital Platform will provide the type of open architecture that will help cities leverage the value of these new connections, devices and data. In fact, Cisco has been testing early versions of the Smart+Connected Digital Platform in pilots in a number of cities’”including Adelaide, Copenhagen, Kansas City, Paris and Jaipur’”and we have already heard promising results.