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Deloitte Review, Special section: Smart cities and the future of mobility

Will anyone still drive cars in years to come, or will the cars do all the driving themselves? How could technology transform our urban environments? And what does it really mean for a city to be “smart’?  Deloitte Review’ s  20th issue looks ahead to explore two science-fiction futures that are fast becoming reality: smart cities and the future of mobility.

According to  Catherine Engelbert, CEO of  Deloitte, the promise of smart cities and mobility is already more than a mere vision. We are beginning to experience a wave of innovations that can fundamentally alter daily life.

In this issue of Deloitte Review, we explore some of the ways that smart cities and the future of mobility are taking shape. Our cars may not fly, but autonomous vehicles are on the road today, and many new cars contain over 100 million lines of code. As you’ ll read, residents of Helsinki are already using a single app to call up and pay for multiple modes of transportation. You’ ll read how data analytics are already helping cities make better decisions about where and how to deploy resources. The city of Buenos Aires is using technology to better manage 27,000 paved blocks, 56,000 sidewalks, 1,000 green spaces, and more than 1 million physical objects such as street lights.


  • Editorial: The promise of a smart, frictionless world.
    The promise of smart cities and mobility is already more than a mere vision
  • The future of mobility: What’s next?
    Tomorrow’ s mobility ecosystem’”and how to succeed in it
  • The race to autonomous driving
    Winning American consumers’ trust
  • Framing the future of mobility
    Using behavioral economics to accelerate consumer adoption
  • The rise of mobility as a service
    Reshaping how urbanites get around


  • Making cities smarter
    How citizens’ collective intelligence can guide better decision making.
  • The urban optimist
    Daniel Doctoroff on the future of cities

Read Deloitte Review, issue 20:  Special section: Smart cities and the future of mobility