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The Top7 Intelligent Communities of 2017

The Intelligent Community Forum announced its list of the Top7 Intelligent Communities of the Year. The 15th  annual Top7 list includes communities from four nations, with Australia, Canada and Taiwan each contributing two, and Russia contributing a seventh community in a first-time achievement for that nation.  

In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Chiayi City, Taiwan
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Grey County, Ontario, Canada
  • Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Taoyuan, Taiwan

The Top7 Intelligent Communities of the Year represent models of economic and social transformation in the 21st Century. They are not the most advanced technology centers, the most wired cities or the fastest growing economies in the world. Instead, each exemplifies best practices in broadband deployment and use, workforce development, innovation, digital inclusion and advocacy that offer lessons to regions, cities, towns and villages around the world. They are charting new paths to lasting prosperity for their citizens, businesses and institutions.

The Intelligent Community Forum Awards Program concludes in New York City on 8 June 2017 during the Intelligent Community Forum’ s Annual Summit, when one of the Top7 Intelligent Communities succeeds Montreal, Quebec, Canada as 2017 Intelligent Community of the Year.

Read the announcement of the Top7 Intelligent Communities of 2017