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Event: Intelligent Communities 2017

On March 16, the Intelligent Communities 2017 will focus on innovation with an interactive half-day program tailored to meet the needs of Australia’ s cities, exploring incoming trends and disruptive technologies.

City leaders and executives actively planning and implementing smart projects will get an unprecedented view of what is coming next, as keynotes and discussions will delve into virtually every aspect of urban life ‘” transportation, health, power, infrastructure, citizen engagement, education and delivery of city services.

This event will:

  • Delve into the nation’ s cities that are taking the lead with major redevelopments
  • Explore the work of angel investors incubating new startups
  • Show how engineering faculties and industry funded R&D institutions are collaborating with technology companies to run intelligent communities
  • Announce major policy portents on future City Deals

What began as the “smart city concept’ to create sustainable and cost-effective technology solutions to Australia’ s urban problems, has now moved forward and opened the way for the ‘˜intelligent communities concept’ . With a more holistic view of cities that include all forms of infrastructure and data analytics, knowledge creation, talent attraction and digital inclusion, ‘˜intelligent communities’ create collaborative innovation ecosystems that encompass environmental, economic and social sustainability, as well as good governance and citizen participation in the community’ s planning and development.

Find more about the event here.