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City in Transition: New Amsterdam Magazine #10

The current edition of New Amsterdam #10 magazine is the 10th issue published by Parkhuis de Zwijger. The main objective of this magazine is to stimulate dialogue and collaboration towards a liveable city and put urgent matters on the agenda.

This magazine is an extension of the offline and online platform of the work of Parkhuis de Zwijger and attempts to reflect the celebration of 10 years of collaboratively re-imagining and designing the future of everyday living. There is a wide range of topics addressed by this issue through articles and short-length catalogues of existing resources and solutions. From local initiatives and the makers movement to waste management and recycling models, this issue presents in a comprehensive way solutions and projects not only from Amsterdam, but also from other cities.


  • Local Initiatives are at the forefront of a city in transition
  • 1o years PDZ: From squat to City Makers platform
  • Who owns the city? Developments in New Democracy
  • Global Parliament of Mayors: Strengthening democracy
  • The Fab City Movement: Towards self-sufficient cities
The concept of rescaling global manufacturing in the Fab City Movement. Source: New Amsterdam #10
  • Maakplaats 021: Lifelong Learning
  • Mijn Amsterdam: The future is now, kid!
  • Building a future together: Community-led housing & in-between spaces
  • Humans of Amsterdam: Everyone has a story to tell
  • Equal access: Struggling to combat school segregation
  • Recycling at its best: A new approach to construction
  • Hacking Buiksloterham: Democratising city-making
A lemniscate diagram describing the resource, value and feedback loops of the hackable citymaking process: from the individual, to the collective and institutions and back. Source: New Amsterdam #10
  • What happens to my waste? The disposal of recyclable resources
  • Het Nieuwe Stadmaken: The Cities Learning Network
  • Fabrica Ciudad: City-Making in Quito
  • City Makers: Diego Guayasamin & Sergio Alvarez Jaime Izurieta
  • UN Urban Labs: Design and Participation
  • Future Cities: The rise of emerging cities
  • MFT Thessaloniki: The motherland of the Polis
  • MFT Vienna & Bratislava: Wanted! creative bureaucrats
  • Urban Books related to economic, social, environmental and many other aspects of living in cities.
  • Amsterdam Books related to economic, social, environmental and other aspects of living in Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam Local Goods:   a wide range of local products such as salsas and drinks, home objects or even raincoats.
  • Apps/Websites: mobile and web applications for living in Amsterdam.

About Parkhuis de Zwijger

Parkhuis de Zwijger is a cultural organisation initiated in 2006 that has grown to be an independent platform for and by the city of Amsterdam and its inhabitants. Its main focus is related to integrating, connecting domains and disciplines, sharing knowledge and experiences, and designing and imagineering the future of everyday life. In the next few years, their work and research will be focused on the question “Who owns the city?”, trying to encourage discussion on how Amsterdam can become a real inclusive city.