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Embracing Innovation in Government – Global Trends

This new report highlights the latest trends in government innovation. The topics identified through this review are not the only trends and examples in government innovation, but they do provide a glimpse of where government innovation stands today and where it may be going tomorrow. By identifying and sharing them and by serving as a global forum for connecting innovators around the world, the OECD and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation hope that they can be used by others to embed successes, reduce the impact of failure, and speed up the transformative process of innovation to deliver value for citizens at new heights and scales.

Innovation in government is about finding new ways to impact the lives of citizens, and new approaches to activating them as partners to shape the future together. It involves overcoming old structures and modes of thinking and embracing new technologies and ideas. The potential of innovation in government is immense; however, the challenges governments face are significant. Despite this, governments are transforming the way they work to ensure this potential is met.

The review has identified four cross-cutting factors for unlocking innovation:

  1. Overcoming bureaucratic barriers
  2. Harnessing the power of citizens’ ideas and the people behind them
  3. Building open, transparent and trust-based relationships with citizens
  4. Enabling a culture that supports innovation


Continuously striving for improvement is at the heart of innovation, and the review has identified four cross-cutting things governments can do to maximise the potential for innovation:

  • Signal innovation as a priority
  • Enable connections across and beyond government
  • Promote trust through transparency and responsiveness
  • Forge partnerships with all relevant players