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Trends in 2017 That Will Change Our World

Α SAP Innovation Consultant points out seven trends being mainstream this year, having to do with how people think, work and collaborate, which are changing our world and the way we do business.

Creativity and innovation are in continuous evolution giving motivation for:

  • Changes in the organisational structures, leaving behind the hierarchical pyramid while adopting wholeness, shared values and self -organising teams
  • Changes in the work culture, as the Millennial generation find it difficult to adjust in a corporate environment with seniors of diverse characteristics
  • More automation in the supporting departments of organisations (Finance, Human Resources etc) as smart applications are taking over even more tasks
  • Collaboration and shared responsibility, as problem solving and innovation making require connected workforce and cross company collaboration
  • More Augmented and Virtual Reality for consumers, as they will conquer more domains, such as design and fashion
  • More applications of Blockchain technology to be realised as it holds tremendous power recording transactions across many computers in such a way that the registered transactions cannot be altered retroactively
  • Greater penetration of Artificial Intelligence and connectivity with humans


You can read the whole article here.