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How cities are accelerating the energy transition

In an article for Metering & Smart Energy International, Eric Woods, research director at Navigant Research,  shares how city energy strategies are central to the smart city vision and what that means for the energy industry as a whole. According to the author,  these changes are part of a broader transition in the energy sector, known as the Energy Cloud. This concept represents a shift away from centralized power generation and distribution and toward a networked and dynamic infrastructure that will also encompass demand-side generation and renewable energy sources.

As cities look to tackle challenges related to increasing populations and the need to provide cleaner and more efficient energy resources, changes in energy infrastructure and energy markets are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, cities are seizing the opportunities presented by the Energy Cloud and are working with utilities and other stakeholders in the creation of new urban energy systems.  such systems are characterised by increased complexity and redundancy, allowing for greater choice in the manner in which energy is generated, supplied, and consumed.

As the energy transition unfolds, Woods says there are five key areas that cities can capitalize on to benefit citizens and city stakeholders alike:

‘¢ Accelerating the shift to renewable energy
‘¢ Driving the adoption of smart grid technologies
‘¢ Increasing energy efficiency
‘¢ Increasing resilience
‘¢ Approaching energy markets proactively

You can read the full article here.