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Games for Cities Conference

How can games improve the process of urban planning? That’ s the central  question at the upcoming Games for Cities International Conference, taking  place in Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, April 20-21 2017.

At the conference, game designers, researchers, architects, planners and policymakers  explore how games can be used as a method for generating more  engaged citizens and more inclusive cities. Gaming offers a real alternative to  standard forms of civic engagement in the 21st century, bringing a range of  stakeholders together and enabling collaborative decision-making and conflict  resolution to emerge from this.

Keynotes include: Paolo Pedercini of Molleindustria, Eric Gordon from  Emerson’ s Engagement Lab, Urban Think Tank’ s Alfredo Brillembourg, Felix  Madrazo from Inter.National.Design, and Play the City’ s Ekim Tan. 10 leading  city-games will also be available for play at the conference.

There will be a doctoral consortium scheduled prior to the conference. PhD  students and other early stage researchers working at the crossroads between  game design, city-making practices, bottom-up participation, and civic media  are invited to present their studies in a 20-minute conference presentation.  Presentations should address the use of games in the process of urban planning  or city-making. Topcis could include (but need not be limited to):

  • design aspects of city-games
  • aesthetics of city-games
  • the role of city games in democratic processes of city-making
  • city-games as a ‘˜civic medium’
  • city-games & urban policy
  • city-games & democratic urban governance
  • critical evaluations of city-games

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