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A Starter Kit for Data-Smart Cities

Harvard’s  Data-Smart City Solutions initiative published a  guide that highlights resources to help answer questions that a new Chief Data Officer or other government data leader might have about the best way to move toward a data-driven enterprise.

The guide contains resources that currently answer the following questions:


  • How do you evaluate your city’ s readiness for data-driven government?
  • What are effective organizational models for data offices?
  • How can you inventory the data resources your city already has?What leading cities can you look to for advice?
  • What leading cities can you look to for advice?
  • How can you create a strategic data plan?


  • How do you use metadata?
  • How do you open data?
  • How do you negotiate data sharing?
  • How do you protect privacy?
  • How can you engage residents in data efforts?
  • How can you foster external use of open data?


  • How do you create a vision for analytics in your city?
  • How do you define a service model for analytics in your city?
  • What kinds of operational questions can you answer with data?
  • How do you analyze if a use case idea is a good fit for an analytics solution?
  • How do you staff an analytics team?
  • How can you train city staff in data skills?

This guide will evolve over time; please email Data-Smart City Solutions with questions you would like answered or resources to add to this list.