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Special Report: This A Smart World

The world population is predicted  to rise by 50 per cent in the 21st century and reach around 11 billion by 2100. The growing number of people on the planet is putting considerable strain on natural and man-made resources. This “A Smart  World” Online Special Report, published by Raconteur in partnership with ESRI UK, reveals  how governments, organisations and individuals need to adapt to preserve the planet and communities.  The report  investigates how to plan for a smarter world, why drones are set to change the way we live, and highlights what the urban landscape will look like in  2030.


  • Planning for a smarter world: Futurists often fall into two opposing camps, but the issues facing society are everyone’ s concern.
  • The city in 2030: Smart city technologies are already with us, so what will the urban landscape look like in 2030?
  • How drones are being put to work: From policing to agriculture, drones are set to change the way we live.
  • Data holds the answer to NHS dilemma: The healthcare system is flush with data, but analysing and acting upon the numbers is essential to ease the rising pressures facing the NHS.
  • There’ s a map for that: Solving real-world problems such as organised crime and locating multi-million pound retail developments needs high level mapping skills. Here are five examples of how Esri’ s ArcGIS platform is unlocking complex problems with maps.
  • Infographic: Impact of population growth on the planet.