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Institute for Future Cities: new challenges, new solutions, by Richard Bellingham (Podcast)

In this podcast and presentation, Richard  Bellingham, Director of the Institute for Cities, University of Strathclyde, UK, presents the current challenges and threats for cities worldwide at the Going Global 2017 conference. Based on the presentation, smart cities require an integrated approach toward smart systems and smart people. They enable improved quality of life, wellbeing, economic growth and resilience. Most importantly, their role is to (i) accelerate growth, (ii) leverage assets, (iii) reduce barriers to entry, (iv) enable space, (v) focus talent, (vi) deliver improved services, (viii) optimize systems (slides 55-56). Success is driven by easiness, equitability, distinction, flexibility, sustainability, delightfulness, (slides 64-68)

Cities have become the dominant mode of living across the world. Urbanization offers significant opportunities to improve the quality of human life ‘“ however, cities also face significant challenges and drivers for change. This presentation examines new ways cities can be understood, what solutions are available, and what success could look like for different types of city across the world.

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